Terms and conditions

The following terms apply to all Docly solutions
1. Docly is developed, maintained and operated by the technology company DOPS AS (hereinafter referred to as the service provider).
2. The customer is not allowed to use more than the amount of disk space or traffic (upload and download) that has been agreed. Contact your Docly Partner when ordering additional storage capacity and / or additional services.
3. The customer does not have the opportunity to resell storage space or services without a written agreement.
4. Free user support is only provided via the online support form at http://docly.net/Support. The customer accepts that support inquiries can be published in an online customer support database. The customer is responsible for removing any confidential information from the inquiry. Free user support only includes references to user guides and online knowledge sources. Customers in need of additional assistance must sign a separate agreement for extended user support. Extended user support is invoiced on an hourly basis with current hourly rates.
5. For secure sending of e-mail from Docly, we recommend using an e-mail account / SMTP server from your own or third-party e-mail provider. If you still want to use Docly's SMTP server, we point out that we can not offer support or troubleshooting.
6. It is not permitted to use the service to distribute material that is contrary to Norwegian law.
7. If the customer changes address or contact person, this must be notified immediately in writing to the relevant partner. If incorrect information is provided, or changes are not notified immediately, the service may be blocked for further use until correct information is provided, or the agreement may be terminated with immediate effect.
8. The service provider will strive for the service to be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All file areas are regularly backed up, and in addition, the customer can, if necessary, order additional backups performed and sent. However, the operating provider can not guarantee 100% uptime or availability, and can not be held responsible for problems or losses that the customer may incur as a result of any downtime or lack of backup.
9. Normal and necessary maintenance of Docly will be performed by the service provider in a service window between kl. 03:00 and 05:00 (Norwegian time) on Sundays. Short-term downtime may then occur. This is a necessary part to be able to ensure security and continuous improvements of the system's functionality. If necessary, updates can be performed outside the service window, and operating messages about this will then be posted in advance. In very special cases, it may be necessary to perform urgent updates of Docly. If possible, this will also be notified in advance.
10. All customer data belongs to the customer and can not be used in any context by the service provider or related parties.
11. All customer data can be exported from Docly on order from the customer. Customer data is provided in JSON format (or another file format by appointment). Work related to data export is invoiced on an hourly basis with current hourly rates.
12. Developments made for customers can be made generally available unless otherwise is specifically agreed.
13. Duration. Termination of the agreement must be in writing. Both parties can terminate the agreement. The agreement is automatically renewed until it is terminated by one of the parties. In the event of termination by the customer, no refund will be made of fees already paid for the current period. Upon termination of the agreement, the customer's right to use the service expires at the end of the paid period.
14. Payment is made after annual invoicing from a partner or the service provider with a 14-day payment deadline.
15. Late payment. In the event of late payment, interest on arrears will accrue in accordance with the Late Payment Interest Act. In the event of late payment, any reminder fee and collection fees may be charged in accordance with current legislation. If the customer does not pay within 5 days after the reminder, the service provider has the right to close the service until full payment is available. The service provider may also slow down the transfer speed of the customer's services. In the event of repeated late payment, the service provider has the right to terminate the agreement without further notice.
16. In the event of any termination of the service offer, the source code and rights will be released so that these can be continued by the customer or by other suppliers.
17. Force Majeure. The operating provider is not responsible for circumstances beyond its control - Force Majeure. The service provider is thus not responsible for losses and damages due to such conditions, including labor disputes, lightning strikes, public regulations, general shortage of transport, goods, or energy, etc. The service provider is also not responsible for errors and delays from subcontractors or operators who have their reason in such or similar circumstances. In such cases, the customer is not exempt from the agreed fees. If agreed services are significantly prevented for a longer period than 3 months due to such circumstances as mentioned above, the customer has the right to terminate the agreement with 14 days written notice.
18. The service provider and associated partners take reservations against any changes made by other suppliers or external systems that may affect the operation or functionality of the delivered solution. The customer must keep track of such changes and make sure to obtain offers for the implementation of necessary changes, and himself provide a schedule to keep a continuous operation of their services and systems. This also applies to components that come with standard integrations in Docly. It may be necessary to upgrade to newer versions of Docly to support any such changes or obtain offers to update the system.
19. Breach of contract. If the customer breaches the agreement, the service provider has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect.
20. Docly subscription Price Adjustment. The service provider is entitled to adjust the subscription price according to the increase in the consumer price index of Statistics Norway (KPI).
21. Change in the terms. These terms can be changed with one month's written notice (e-mail) from the service provider. In the event of such changes, the customer has the right to terminate the agreement before the change takes effect. If the customer does not terminate his agreement before the change takes effect, the new terms are considered accepted by the customer (unless otherwise agreed).
22. All Docly solutions must be delivered with Docly branding according to current guidelines. Note that some Docly subscriptions allow the removal of Docly branding. See official overview of subscriptions on our website www.docly.no.
23. Disputes. This agreement is subject to Norwegian law. Disputes arising out of this Agreement shall be settled by the ordinary courts. The parties decide Asker and Bærums Herredsrett as venue.